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5 Nutrition Tips to Accelerate Your Health!

Nutrition 1Happy New Year everyone, I thought it would be very appropriate for me to give everyone a basic guide for accelerating your health program for 2014. Whether you are a beginner or a highly advanced athlete, this brief list of both nutritional and lifestyle tips will optimize your performance.

5 Nutrition Tips to Accelerate Your Health and Well-Being!

1) Oxygen:

The Most Powerful Nutrient! How long can you survive without food? A few days, a week, a month? Our bodies are able to survive months without food under certain conditions. How long can you survive without water? Up to 3 to 4 days, maybe more? Now, how long can you survive without oxygen? A few minutes give or take.

So, contrary to popular belief, food and water are not the most important component for long lasting health. They are extremely important but are second to what is called “Deep Vital Breathing!!” By providing your body with ample oxygen through deep vital breathing you cleanse your body and give your body the energy you need to perform at its best. By simply waking up in the morning smile and breathe in through the nose slowly and count your breath until you can no longer breathe in; hold that breath for twice as long as in the inhale and exhale through the mouth four times as long as the inhale. In other words, if you breathe in for a count of 5, hold for 10 and exhale for 20.

Repeat this at least 3 times in a row up to 10 times in a row. Do this exercise 3 times per day. The great thing about this exercise is you can do it anytime and anywhere – in your car, at home, at work, wherever.

2) Begin Your Morning with Water:

I usually either drink a glass of cold or warm water as I begin my day. Why warm or cold water? Well, whether it is cold or warm the temperature of the water will immediately shift your temperature inside your body which will almost immediately turn on your metabolism. Also, by shifting the temperature of the body, the body must maintain a temperature of around 98.6 degrees which makes the body have to work. If there is as little shift then it must begin to go to work to either bring it back up or back down. This work takes the burning of calories and is a great way to wake up and get started. Plus, because our body is roughly seventy percent water we must feed it ample amounts of this vital nutrient.

3) Eat Every 2-3 Hours:

This is so important in maintaining blood sugar levels and providing your body with a constant shuttle of nutrients throughout the day. When you feed your body every 2-3 hours the body must speed up thus burn more calories and give you the energy you need to perform at you best. Of course, that doesn’t mean you eat chocolate bars or candy every 2-3 hours. The calories must be rich in and abundant in water, micro and macronutrients and have a low glycemic load. This leads us into our next tip.

4) Eat Plenty of Alkaline Rich Foods:

Go on the internet and type in “Alkaline Food Chart.” You will see plenty of foods that are alkaline rich and foods that are acid rich. Here is a sample:


The goal of your eating program is to get to eating 70% alkaline foods. That doesn’t mean you can’t have your acid foods but that you counteract it with high alkaline foods to keep your body cleansed and balanced. The more acidic your body is the slower it will perform. I am sure as look at this chart you will be amazed at how high your acid intake is and how low your alkaline intake is. Slowly begin to introduce foods that are alkaline and you will definitely feel the difference.

5) Eat Slowly and Consciously:

This is the one area that I have major trouble with since I live a fast paced life. However, I usually choose one meal or snack which I consciously choose to eat slowly, taking my time in my chewing, being totally aware of the taste and texture of the food or drink. When you eat slowly you will not and cannot eat as much as you could if you ate as fast as you could. I remember a program on television which displayed this where a guy was on stage eating a pizza. The participant said he could easily eat a large pizza in twenty minutes. The instructor asked him to take each bite, slowly chew and put down the slice of pizza as he did this. It was only when he finished swallowing his food was he allowed to take his next bite. He repeated this over and over until he could no longer eat and felt more then satisfied. The result: he was only able to eat 3 pieces from a 10 slice large pizza. If you desire to reduce your calorie intake eat slowly, enjoy your food, and for goodness sake DO NOT eat in front of the television as it will distract you from how much food you are eating.

Implement these simple tips and you will notice a major shift in your energy and focus. Do it consistently and you will get addicted to the feeling that these practices give you.

To your continued wisdom, wellness and wealth,



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