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5 Fitness Tips to Accelerate Your Physical Energy and Power!

Personal Training 7Here are 5 quick and easy tips to get the most out of your workout routine in the shortest period of time.


Workout In The Morning:

Working out in the morning has massive benefits.  First, it jump starts your metabolism allowing you to burn fat all day long.  Second, getting into the routine of giving yourself this gift amplifies your mental focus and emotional well-being as feel good hormones are released during physical exercise.  Last, there is a unique pride that goes along with disciplining yourself consistently to get up and workout when most people are still sleeping.  Just think of the competitive advantage both physically and mentally you will have over anyone you may be in competition with. 

Incorporate Interval Training Into Your Routine:

In terms of aerobic type exercise this simply means rather then just walking or running on a treadmill at a steady pace you increase the speed or incline to much higher difficulties for a set period of time.  For example, if you are used to walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes at a speed of 3.2 mph at an incline of 5.0 try increasing the speed to 5.0 mph and incline to 8.0 for 30 seconds.  After the thirty seconds has finished drop the speed back down to 3.2 mph and incline to 5.0 for one minute.  Repeat this ten times.  The entire workout will be 15 minutes – half the length of your normal 30 minute walk.  The advantage of implementing this plan is not only in time but in fat metabolism after you have completed your workout.  Research has shown that by doing high intense interval training like this burns significantly more calories throughout the day than doing lower intense aerobic activity. 

Give Yourself Ample Rest:

There are three basic stages to muscle growth: Stimulation, Recuperation and Growth.  The first stage, stimulation, is when you actually engage the muscles through resistance/weight training.  In order to maximize the stimulation stage you must at the very least go beyond the anaerobic threshold.  In other words, you must overload the muscle well beyond your own comfort level lifting heavier weights then you are normally used to, pushing almost or to complete failure, in order to gain maximum muscle and strength.  The next stage, recuperation, occurs when the muscles have been exhausted, depleted and microscopically torn/damaged as a result of the overloading of the muscles through weight training.  Now, here is where people often fail because muscle soreness is a sign that you must allow ample to time to rest in order for those muscles to repair and move into the final stage, growth.  Most people, however, don’t allow the recuperation stage to fully complete and move into and through the growth stage.  If you do no allow your muscles to repair they will not grow, period!  In fact, you will do the total opposite, lose muscle and go into a catabolic state.  I have seen this time and time again where people over train and end up feeling frustrated because they aren’t experiencing any positive results leading to their inevitable conclusion: to quit!  The number one principle I have learned in my twenty years of study and experience is that “Less Time, More Intense” exercise is much more profitable and beneficial.  I have experienced the same if not greater results spending a third less time weight training.  After you’ve overloaded your muscles feed your body the right nutrients for optimal recovery and allow enough rest time between workouts for ALL three stages to fully take place.  Listen to your body too; it will always give you clues if you are doing too much.   

Change Up Your Routine Regularly:

There is nothing worse when it comes to exercise then doing the same thing over and over again.  I have found one of the greatest motivation killers is not varying your exercise routines enough.  Let’s face it, we humans love variety.  I have found in my own life that when I started to lose my edge or drive in exercising it was almost always attributed to complacency.  As soon as I decided to set higher standards, greater goals, tweak my routine and introduce a more challenging plan did my edge and drive return.  So, one of my rules is to change your routine up at least every 2 weeks.  You can tweak your routine simply by changing the pace in which you do your reps, the number of reps you do, the amount of weight you do, the amount of rest time you give yourself between sets, the type of exercises you do.  There are thousands upon thousands of ways to change your routine.  If you are losing a bit of motivation, tweak your routine.

Workout With a Partner or Trainer:

Personally, I have achieved the fastest results when I was training with a trainer or training partner.  Subsequently, when you train with someone not only do you make yourself accountable but there is a healthy competitiveness that goes along with it.  You push each other to do more then you would do on your own.  One comment I get when training clients is “If I wasn’t training with you, I would have chosen the lesser weight and done less reps.”  If you want to speed up your results implement a plan to consistently workout with someone that shares the same drive and values when it comes to health and fitness.  I guarantee you will see your progress sore!


To your continued growth, success and happiness,

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