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Your Health IS your Wealth!

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For the past 15 years I have been blessed to be in the Health and Fitness field guiding people towards a greater sense of excitement and passion through healthy lifestyle techniques and optimized high performance strategies.  It has been an honor to be part of this industry for this long.  I can’t describe the emotional juice I get from helping people breakthrough and achieve tremendous results; it is for this reason I am committed to the continuing education and promotion of making health the number one priority in life.

Today, more than ever, I can tell you with absolute certainty and love for you that if you do not make your health the number one priority in life then all of the money you make and all the accolades you acquire will mean close to nothing.

Working with so many people over the years I can’t tell you how many wealthy and successful people I have met who were overweight, out of shape, exhausted and over taxed in their health bank account who seemingly on the outside were abundant and rich but lacked the energy and vitality to enjoy the fruits of their labors.  What good are you being the richest man or woman in the grave?  In fact, one of the greatest illustrations of this was when a man was asked “How much money did that rich man take to his grave?” and he responded “ALL of it!”  How true and profound an answer.

One of the primary reasons to treat your body like a “Temple” is to show up as the best version of yourself so you can meet all the challenges of daily life with vigor, focus and emotional power.  In my opinion, the reason why most people aren’t living the life they dream of or at the very least moving towards their dreams and desires is because they do not possess a “Vessel” to back up what it takes to achieve such a result.  Yes, some of you may wake up with the attitude “Today, I am making my dreams come true!” but because your body is wreathed in toxicity from lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, heavy doses of calories and foreign substances and on top of that very little movement in the exercise department, your body is screaming “HELP!!! YOU are ‘Killing’ me and you want me to do what?”  You come home from work and you are stressed, frustrated and tired and what does that do to your relationships?  Are you able to nurture and contribute to your children and significant other as much as you they deserve and you yourself desire?  What does that do to your sex drive?  If you have children what example are you giving them by showing up overweight, out of shape and unhappy?

What I am professing to you can be summed up in this very phrase below:

“Your Health IS your Wealth!”

If you have a billion dollar health bank account will you not be able to exert and spend exorbitant amounts of your “Health Dollars” creating and building the life you desire AND experience the rare feeling of pure vitality and energy very few people ever get to feel?

I leave you with two last questions to cogitate on:

“What will it cost you in the next year, 5 years, 20 years and beyond personally and professionally if you continue to abuse and take your health for granted?

“What rewards will you gain in the next year, 5 years, 20 years and beyond by taking absolute control of your health and well-being?”

To your health and abundant life, peace and love everyone!




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