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5 Signs You Have Matured and Finally Grown-Up!

growing up 11. Tolerance: Notice that as you went through the stages of small child, teenager, young adult and so on your tolerance levels for the most part increased.  The things that used to bug you no longer seemed to matter not because those problems just vanished or were solved but because you finally out grew them.  You’re focus goes from what you can’t control – which is where most people live – to what you “Can” control which is your own attitude, focus and perceptions.

2. Don’t Take Things Personally: This is critical in the process of finally growing up.  If you find yourself always looking to uphold your reputation – also known as opinions, not facts, of what others perceive you to be – than you will constantly struggle with your identity.  Think about it, if you meet 100 people in one day they will all have 100 different opinions of you, thus, you will have 100 different reputations to uphold.  That’s impossible not to mention extremely stressful.  One of the qualities of a Self-Actualized being according to the great Abraham Maslow is “To be independent of the good opinion of others.”  In other words, quit attempting to please everyone and stop taking other people’s opinion of you as your reality.  March to your own drum beat and play whatever music that is calling you to sing, write, or create.

3. “It’s not all about ‘Me’ but ‘We!”: Part of this is releasing your past and forgiving yourself and the others you have hurt or may have hurt you.  Once you realize that we are all on this journey together your focus goes from “Me” to “We.”  Rather than focus on “What’ in it for me?” you shift to “What’s in it for the greater good of all?”  Your purpose and actions you take are no longer about you but about serving and contributing.
4. Ambition to Meaning: This is the stage that really turns the tide in the growing up process.  The collecting of material goods certainly has its place, but, when we attach our identity and our happiness to those things trouble begins to brew.  For example, if you are ambitious about becoming financially independent and compromise your integrity and hurt a lot of people in the process, sure you have accomplished your goal, but, at what cost?   There is a Gandhian principle that states, “The end is inherent in the means,” so if you sacrifice your ends values which are your deepest values – character, honesty, love etc. – for your means values – money, cars, jewelry etc. – than you’ve gained nothing and lost plenty.  When we are able to discover more meaning and fulfillment in the most mundane of chores, activities or jobs as well as in our ambitions, then we express ourselves more fully and completely and experience greater health, wealth and abundance in the process.
5. Enjoyment in Being Still and Silent: You know you have grown up and matured when you finally get to that place where you discover your true nature in “Being” rather than “Doing.”  “More, more, more” becomes “Less, less, less” and, paradoxically, more gets done because you are present moment focused and are more effective in each action you take.  You may find that although you are working less and doing less, because you are “Being” more, you will get more done with more joy and productivity than you ever did rushing around trying to do 10 things at a time.  Take some “Me” and “Be” time and your “Do” time will have more meaning.

To your growth and next level of greatness, peace and love everyone!


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