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The Simplest and Fastest Way to Energize!

Do you ever wonder what really determines how you feel from moment to moment?Contrary to what you may believe, it has very little to do with what’s happening outside of you.  From the most fundamental and basic level, it really comes down to how we are using our body, and the ways in which we are engaging our whole physiology.

There was a study conducted at Harvard University back in 2000 where they proved that exercise was a greater treatment for depression than the Zoloft – one of the most prescribed drug medications for depression.  If exercise came in a pill, I am sure every pharmaceutical company would be producing it in mass amounts, but, since it isn’t, this study will never graze the cover of any pharmaceutical magazine, or report.

The bottom line outcome of this study is quite simple: moving your body where your heart and respiratory system are being stimulated above and beyond your comfort zone is the fastest and simplest way to change how you are feeling, period!

I have never in my life seen a depressed or sad person while exercising in an intense and focused fashion.  It doesn’t matter if it’s weight lifting, yoga or any form of aerobic activity, the results are clear – if you radically change how you are using your body and your breathing patterns, you radically change how you are going to feel in that moment; if you do this twice a day for 30 days your whole life could radically change with it.

So, the next time you find yourself sitting down and commiserating with yourself about how your life isn’t going the way you want it – get up, move, and exercise your way out of that state.  Greater resources and ideas will come to your aid and you will find yourself in a much clearer and more powerful state to handle virtually any challenge that may come!

As I heard once, “It’s who you show up as, and not what shows up which will determine the quality of your life!”

To your limitless power and potential,




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