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Transforming Health – One Family at a Time!

One of the key principles of life that I have been exposed to from many different sources is the idea that our environment impacts who we become and, ultimately, what we will do.  I once heard a very long time ago, “One of the primary ways to change, is to change who you consistently associate yourself with.”

For many people that is a very difficult task to undertake since we have certain family, friends and colleagues we are exposed to each and every day.  We can’t control our environment, but we can control the environment we consistently put ourselves in.   With that being said, I am certainly not suggesting that you completely cut off all ties with the people who bring you down amongst your family, friends and colleagues, only that you limit your precious time with them.

family health 1Being in the fitness and health industry for so many years, I have begun to realize that one of the top reasons why people don’t exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle over an extended period of time (over 6 months at the very least), is because the environment is pulling or pushing them in the opposite direction.  In other words, the standard that you desire for – in this case, being and living at the healthiest and most vital version of yourself –  isn’t the standard that your environment – the people you hang around, the places you go, the shows you watch, the music or educational material you listen to or read – is promoting or living at.  Am I suggesting that we are victims of environment?  Absolutely not!  What I am suggesting is, in order to create long lasting and deep change, we must expose ourselves to the the things that are conducive to the change we desire most.

For instance, if you want to lose 100lbs of body fat, that is a massive undertaking to commit to.  That journey becomes ten times more difficult if everyone around is overweight, out of shape,and eating massive quantities of unhealthy and poisonous foods.  Even if you somehow overcame your conditioned environment, if you choose to stay there, trust me, one of three things will happen: either the people around you move up to your standard (which is highly improbable but possible), or you move back down to their standard, or you choose another peer group.  In my experience, the majority of time when people do not change their environment, will move back down to the standards of the people they are habitually associating themselves with.   I don’t believe this, I know this.  I have experienced this in my own life and have studied the outcomes and facts regarding this issue.

An example of this, on a grand scale, is in the special forces.  You could not and would not be able to succeed, let alone make the special forces, if you did not raise your standard.  The standard is extremely high, and the people running the initiating camp, also known as “Hell Week,” consider this as a weeding out process to separate the weak from the superior strong.

One of the questions that has stuck with me for so long that General Norman Schwarzkopf asked of Tony Robbins was, “Why do you think some of these marines come here and become all that they can be, only to go back home, and go back down to their previous ways and habits?”  His answer, “The quality of your life is directly proportionate to the expectations of your peer group!”  Again, if you’re peer group is living at low standards, then invariable, often without noticing it, you will slowly move down to that level.

It is a huge rarity that I have actually seen someone completely move upwards in their life, committed to it long term, while staying where they are and hanging around the same people.  Don’t get me wrong, it does happen, but it’s very rare.  And, it usually happens out of some traumatizing experience like being diagnosed with cancer, or losing a loved one or a limb, or going to war.  In NLP, they call this a “significant emotional event,” and, for the most part, shifts the whole worldview of the person going through that experience.  This does not mean that you must experience major suffering or challenge in order to change who you are or where you’re going.  Although, that is sometimes necessary.  That is particularly the reason why a lot of people who survive their first heart attacks, never have a heart attack again – they never want to experience that again.  They often times shift their life, and become health fanatics.

Over the years, I have had many clients who initially committed to taking command and control of their health, only to fall back to negative patterns.  I used to think that they were just “quitters” with no real hunger or drive when it got tough.  I have recently, in the past few years, softened my view.  I have come to the conclusion that if I couldn’t change who they were associating with, I could induce or inspire change with the people who they were associating with.

This brings me to my mission and the title of this blog: Transforming Health – One Family at a Time!  My vision is to go into the families across Canada, one at a time, and transform the whole family dynamic of how they live their lives, making health and vitality, their number one priority.  Once the standard and philosophy is in place, and the people living within that environment are on the same page, long term change can and will happen – it must! If the opposite is true for working against your desires, then it also must be true, for working with and for your desires.  If the entire family has made the shift and commitment to their health, the chances that those habits stick are extremely favourable.

My whole inspiration for this is to build “teams” of families who are working together to create more joyful experiences in their lives through healthy practices and lifestyle activities.  If, for example, a family of 6 commits to this, and within a few short months elevates the family dynamic, the experience of more energy, love, happiness, success and achievement within that family, will increase ten fold.  The more energetic, focused and enthusiastic a family is, the more creativity and juice will flow and cascade into the other areas of each individual life within that family.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, begins this January 2015.  In fact, I have already began the process with a few families, as a personal case study, so that I can prove the validity of what I have claimed here.

If you are interested in getting your family involved, feel free to contact me via my website at – anthonycheam.com – and we will work together to create a more abundant and energetic life for you and those you love most.

I look forward to seeing your transformation, peace and love, everyone!





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