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Hello everyone,
It has been a while since my last blog entry.  Without giving you any excuses, I must say that I have been very busy working on some new ideas and strategies to impact more and more people at greater depths.
Recently, I had the honor of speaking at a TEDx conference in Chatham – Kent, Ontario.  It was a mind blowing experience that I will never forget.
you20The title of my keynote presentation was – “YOU 2.0!”
Since I had a maximum of 18 minutes to speak, I really wanted to “wow” the people there with both energy and a thought-provoking study of life.  So, as a metaphor, I took the liberty of choosing an area in life where everyone could relate to in our western and highly advanced culture: computers, tablets and cell phones.
In my speech, I surmised the deep similarities between the conditions of a computer and how it operates and the conditions of our lives and how we operate.  Notice that computers and all the software in it are always updating and upgrading.  So must we update and upgrade our lives to continually learn, grow, experience life at the most expansive levels, and ultimately, become and show up as the best possible version of ourselves that is available for download – YOU 2.0!
I won’t give away the whole thing because I will be sharing the TEDx presentation with you when it comes out in the next couple of weeks.  Stayed tuned for it!  But, I will share this mind-expanding insight with you:
“If your life is operating on an obsolete, old and out of date software – YOU 1.0 – what would it take to update and upgrade your software to the new and improved and much more productive and effective version of you – YOU 2.0?”
Food for thought….
As always, peace and eternal love!


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