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Health, Happiness, and Healing!

Hello Leaders and Healers,

Let me begin this blog entry by saying that,

“One cannot be enriched with health and happiness without healing, acknowledging and


the parts of yourself that you’ve made wrong or denied.  This is especially critical in facing unresolved wounds from our past.”

Carl Jung was quoted in saying, “The way to the authentic self is through the shadow.”  In other words, in order to be totally authentic and comfortable in your own skin, you must face and reintegrate all the parts that you have disowned, denied or disassociated.  The pioneer though leader, Ken Wilber, says that if you deny your own “shadow material,” it will halt your growth and development completely. Turning away from your own shadow is like kryptonite to superman – it will totally weaken and paralyze you.Illustration of positive and negative. Plus and minus.

Too many people these days are primarily focused on using positive thinking to drown out the negative aspects of life.  When in reality, the parts that we see and categorize as negative in life and in ourselves, are actually gateways to greater awareness and of wholeness.  Thus, health, happiness and healing arise naturally in our world and in our being.
Here are 5 overlooked tips in expanding your health, happiness, and healing.

1) Spend 5-10 minutes a day with your eyes closed in silence while you observe whatever the mind presents to you.  Watch your mind – images, thoughts, words, feelings, sensations etc – and sit in total acceptance of it all without judgment, identification or condemnation.  As soon as you are aware that you are reacting, attaching or feeling an emotion or sensation in the body, simply observe it and allow it to surface.  Our “shadow material” hides underneath our conscious awareness, so notice the first thing that pops up in your mind that makes you feel uncomfortable, and face it.  This is the very first step to being mindful of your shadow.

2) Be grateful for all the bad things that have happened or are happening in your life.  Yes, I said it!  There is no typo here.  Ask yourself the following two questions: “What’s one bad thing that has happened in my past that has made me stronger and wiser as a result?”

“Out of that bad thing that happened to me, how has it served me in opening new doors of opportunity and led me to greater happiness and success?”

3) Random acts of kindness towards yourself! Do I agree with performing random acts of kindness towards other?  Absolutely!  But, why not towards yourself from time to time.  Once you give yourself permission to be kind to yourself, not only will you fill your own bucket of love up, but you will give permission to others to be kind towards themselves, too.  You will have more to give in the long run.

4) Allow others to serve you.  Too many people get caught up in contributing that they fail to allow others to serve them.  Think about it this way: When you don’t allow others to serve you as you have served them, you rob them of the opportunity to contribute to you.  When you rob others of this gift, you actually block the flow of abundance that flows to and from you, therefore, to you.  Remember this especially when others pay you a compliment or give you something.

5) Throw away your day planner for a day.  Be spontaneous!  Choose one day that you will not follow any schedule whatsoever and simply live in the moment.  Better yet, do it with your family or with the people who you care about most.  I’ve had the very best of times in my life when there were no expectations.

As always, peace and eternal love!


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