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Purpose Amplified Magnitude!

I once heard the great Richard Rohr define spirituality as, “A constant purification of motive.”  In other words, be constantly aware of your purpose and purify your it if necessary.

At times in life, depending on the life stage you are in, in order for us to live with a greater sense of meaning and fulfillment, we need to re-examine and re-prioritize or purpose.  It is good practice for all of us to ask ourselves, “Why am I doing this?”

There is a very old Greek philosophy or school of thought called, “skepticism.” It isn’t defined as we define today in colloquial terms, but rather focused on maintaining a specific question in mind, while never getting stuck at the answer.

Too many people ask a question, get an answer, and are satisfied with that, never really asking the question again.  In skepticism philosophy, you keep on asking the question until you get an answer; then, you take the answer deeper by asking the question again and again.  By doing it this way, you are never satisfied with just any answer, but taking the answer to the deepest and most purest form possible to the question being asked. This is what is meant by purifying your purpose or intention.

The more you purify your purpose and intention the greater and more effective your actions and result will be.

If you are currently stuck in limbo or you feel you are experiencing “rigor mortis” in life, do what I call, “Purpose Amplified Magnitude!”  Amplify the magnitude of your purpose; expand and enhance your reasons for being, living, loving and achieving; and, go out and live that purpose with all of you heart and soul.
Here is another way to look at it: “Purpose is greater than outcome!” Allow me to explain:

Most people get too focused on the outcome, never really understanding the reasons or purpose for that outcome they wish to produce.  The greater the purpose, the greater chance the outcome you desire will become a reality.
Live-On-Purpose-770x433If you wish to lose 100lbs or double your income, make sure you establish a strong purpose for which you wish to attain this outcome.  If your reasons are weak, your chance for achieving this outcome will be weak; if your reasons are pure and powerful, your chance for achieving this outcome will be strong.


3 Tips for “Purpose Amplified Magnitude!”:


Re-examine your purpose for living.  Get really clear about “why” you are here and make it powerful.  Let that new found purpose cascade into every aspect in your life.

Consistently ask yourself the question, “Why am I doing this?” and go deeper and deeper every time you ask it.

Be purpose driven rather than just outcome driven.  Enjoy and trust that each action is purposeful and part of the perfect mastery of life. Each action is a puzzle piece to your completed puzzle – desires and dreams – so why not make each puzzle piece a mastery of movement. 

As always, in heart and gratitude, peace and eternal love!






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