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My Latest Book is Almost Here – You 2.0!

You 2.0 - 3D.transparentGreetings Leaders and Healers from around the globe!
I have been working endlessly to produce the next big project in my life in order to make an even greater impact in the world.
My latest book, YOU 2.0, is fully edited and published and will be ready for release to the public by the beginning of November 2017.
I am extraordinarily excited for this book because everything I practice and preach about living powerfully, purposefully, and passionately are covered in it. My first book, The ABCs of Life – Living a Life of POWER, PURPOSE and PASSION, was a more of a summation of life wisdom, philosophy and simple principles to live by each day.  This book, however, is a step-by-step approach to upgrading and updating your life so that you are charged with the commanding power and authority to live life on your terms, march to your own drum beat, achieve success at higher levels all while experiencing life with greater depth and fulfillment. It is an integrative multi-dimensional approach to showing up as the best possible version of yourself.
I have been so obsessed with learning what creates an outstanding life. I go relentlessly in pursuit of discovering my own unique greatness so that I can then teach and inspire others to uncover their own unique greatness and express it massively to the world.  This book is just a preview of the many projects I have envisioned for the next couple of years. I am designing and refining my YOU 2.0 events that go in conjunction with the book. My whole intention and desire is to create bigger and better YOU 2.0 events that put people an environment where transformation occurs and abundance flows in galvanic proportions.
I know this is a huge promise, but this is my YOU 2.0 vision and mission for the next few years….and my gift to you! I will begin marketing and promoting these events very soon. Get ready for your upgrade!
Please stay tuned for my other upcoming online book and course, Body 2.0. It is an integrated book and video course on everything I do to increase my physical energy, power, strength and focus. It is a staple in my daily practice of upgrading my hardware – physical body.
I can tell you that there are very few things that compare to possessing a surplus of abundant vitality, vigor, enthusiasm and energy.
For those of you know me personally, you know that I am a highly energetic, crazy and passionate person who just wants to inspire and be a catalyst for people’s transformation. This would not be possible if I didn’t have daily rituals and practices that promote and nurture my physical body. Absolutely everything I do to own and install continuous upgrades in my physical hardware will be covered in the Body 2.0 program. Stay tuned for its release later this year.
I am really looking forward to hearing from you soon or meeting you live at one of the YOU 2.0 events.
To your continued upgrade and evolution, live it up with power, purpose, and passion!

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