Welcome to our website! My name is Anthony Cheam and I’m a Life Coach, Personal Trainer and Motivational Speaker.  I started out my career 14 years ago as a Personal Trainer who was inspired to help those achieve optimal fitness.  I know how amazingly beneficial it is to be physically fit and I wanted to share that with other people through the wisdom and experience I have gained.  I really am passionate about this area of life as it gives me so much joy, confidence and energy.  To this day, I continue to guide and train many individuals and groups to maximizing gains in their exercise routines.

Throughout my career, as I delved into and studied the true nature of health and happiness, I soon realized that exercise was but a small part of the bigger picture.  There was a tugging need within me to discover why some people achieved success and why others did not.  More importantly, I was asking myself this question as I too struggled with procrastination, fear, lack of focus and drive, overwhelms and inadequacy issues as it pertained to my relationships, business and financial situation.  These are all common elements that prevent people from taking action.  Of course, this was not a concerning problem for me in the area of physical fitness as it was my primary focus and provided long lasting joy.

So, the two biggest questions for me were “Why do humans behave the way they do?” and “How can I use this knowledge to maximize people’s potential in a way that they would take massive action towards a worthwhile objective?”

“Why do humans behave the way they do?”


“How can I use this knowledge to maximize people’s potential in a way that they would take massive action towards a worthwhile objective?”

With these questions lingering in my mind, little did I know that an awesome and magnificent journey awaited me.  I became obsessed with answering these questions and started to read and study biographies of great men and woman of past and present.  I also gained knowledge from personal and professional self-help books.  I invested a fair amount of money on audio success programs and certifications ranging from how to build outstanding relationships to the psychology of success; from how to create the healthiest body to building financial freedom; from enlightenment to running a successful business.

My objective was quite simple:

To discover, learn and master the tools and strategies of living the most successful, happy and fulfilling life possible.  Ultimately, to take what I’ve acquired and teach and inspire as many people who desire and wish to do the same.  

Having studied many different leadership, self-help and professional development programs I have come to the conclusion that healthy and happy relationships play the biggest role in achieving long lasting health and happiness.  This is not in any way to undermine the value of job satisfaction, being physically fit, eating healthy, and achieving financial independence but to emphasize the importance of having stable and growing relationships all around you.  These positive relationships contribute to the overall picture of your personal fulfillment and joy.

If you have lousy relationships as a result of lack of communication, courtesy, sensitivity and compassion for the people whom you love and who love you the most, you will not be healthy, period.  Dr. Dean Ornish of Harvard did a 20 year study and concluded that healthy relationships are far more critical in achieving long lasting health over physical fitness, optimal nutrition and even the genes which you have inherited.  I’ll even be as bold to say that if your relationships are taken care of the drive to nourish the other areas will inevitable follow.  Think about it, if you do not have good relationships with your customers in your business, then how successful will your business be?  If you have feelings of resentment or guilt towards those closest to you is it possible to perform optimally at home, work or in play when these feelings are disempowering you mentally, physically and emotionally?  Numerous studies have shown, without a shadow of doubt, that harbouring these very feelings will cause “Dis-Ease” in the body and manifest as cancer, heart disease, etc.  However, if there is an amazing connection with your customers and an honest, trustworthy and encouraging relationship with your friends and family, than I believe there is no limit to what success you can achieve in any context of life.

It is for these very reasons I see this journey as an extension of my passion for health and fitness and have made it my life long commitment and purpose to educate and coach those who have a desire to live an outstanding and phenomenal life.

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