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“Anthony has helped changed the way I look at life.  I am not a negative person but I do  tend to over analyze my life at times.  I have to thank Anthony for helping me discover the true “Positive Me,” and for finding a path that helps me everyday to choose the best possible solution.


As a mother I work hard everyday to be the best role model for my children.  I am so happy and honored to have Anthony in my life!  His positive way of life has helped me realize that I am a great mom.


My friends and family have noticed the changes I’ve made.  They say I seem happy and in love with life.  They like to be around me as it makes them feel happier.


Thank you Anthony – I attribute this positive way of life to you!”



Relationship Intervention – Strategic steps for rekindling the passion in a relationship.

Health Intervention – Specialized critical transformation coaching for major health related issues.

Fear and Anxiety Intervention – Breaking through fear and anxiety.

Discovering Your Life’s Purpose and Passions – Practical steps and strategies to ignite the passion and renewed sense of meaning and purpose in your life.

Life Assessments – Assess your current Life Condition and discover what really drives you.

Career and Talents Assessments – Careful assessment of your current career or profession and the talents and gifts that you innately possess.

Meditation – Visualization and meditation guidance for increased relaxation, focus and energy.

“Breakdown,” “Breakthrough,” “Break-FREE” Strategies – Psychological and emotional techniques.

Goals and Outcome Strategies – Elevate your standards and get the most out of your potential

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