Family Coaching & Empowerment

family coaching 1

A very unique service is offered by Anthony, specifically aimed to help families in need or for those that are simply looking to get better…

Here’s an overview of what Family Coaching & Empowerment is all about:

  • Building a powerful and purposeful “Family Philosophy” so that all members of the family are aligned and in harmony with each other.
  • Creating a standard within the family environment that is congruent with the values of all individuals.
  • Opening all lines of communication so that everyone’s voice is heard and respected.
  • Understanding the drives and needs of each individual.
  • How to connect and give what each individual person needs and wants, based on their unique blueprint of life, personality type, and how they receive love at the deepest level.
  • Strategic techniques in conditioning new behaviors so that everyone benefits both in the short term and long term.
  • Enhancing the gifts, talents, abilities, potentialities and capacities that each person possesses, thus, expanding the foundation of the family structure.
  • Life stage education and what to expect during each stage of growth and development within the family unit.
  • Health and vitality enrichment.

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