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“I had the wonderful opportunity to invite Anthony to speak at my work’s annual retreat this Fall, and was blown away and blessed!  Anthony touched on subjects that were close to the heart, soul, mind, and spirit.  He engaged with the audience and provided individual strategies to reach personal and work goals.  He had a way of empowering the audience to take control of the mind to overcome challenges.  After his talk, I started to see and experience life at home and work in a conscious and more meaningful way.  I was able to take charge of the things I procrastinate and give conscious instructions to myself to do what is required in my life.  As well, Anthony’s talk was so refreshing and brought the focus and attention back to the individual person, allowing us to be selfish for a moment, in order to reach a selfless and meaningful life.  Thanks, Anthony!”

Amy Bustamam

Clinical Evaluator (major Hamilton area Hospital)

Personal and Professional Development – Constant and Never-Ending Improvement both personally and professionally.

Life Management – How to manage your life, not your time.

Strategic Intervention – Strategically and immediately take command and control of what matter most in your life and/or business.

Results Workshops – Goals workshop and how to maintain focus, drive and discipline along the way.

Warrior Mindset Strategies and Peak Performance – The Power of Belief!  How to breakthrough challenges and overcome sabotage.

How to Take Control of Your Life – Right NOW!

Relationships – How to influence others and establish a core foundation for strong , trustworthy relationships.

Health and Wellness – Health and Fitness related topics ie weight management, exercise, nutrition, principles for optimal health and fitness.

NLP strategies and Strategic Communication Skills – Learning to manage others by managing your own emotions, focus, body and language patterns.

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