Looking for some help with a hurdle in life?

It doesn\’t matter if it is personal or career oriented, Anthony Cheam can help.

A wonderful, loving man that puts a practical application behind the logic! Big love to you and your family. Thank you for your time.

Christina J. Bigelow

“As a life coach and mentor, Anthony Cheam has a unique and gifted ability in providing a map to enrich and realign your consciousness and lifestyle. He combines his knowledge and teachings with his genuine interest and focus in helping you to attain the objectives that you set for yourself. I have benefited immensely from his effective guidance and insight, and believe that he can do the same for you.”


“I believe everyone has dealt with or is dealing with stress or anxiety at some point in their life.  Anthony has given me the tools and coping strategies to overcome this painful burden.  Thank you Anthony!”


Tim Hortons (owner/operator)

Anthony has been my personal trainer for the past 8 years.  During this time I have benefited from Anthony’s expertise and his continual journey towards excellence in providing me with an overall healthy lifestyle program of physical, emotional and spiritual growth that has met my personal needs over the years.  Anthony is a continual student and teacher always bettering his knowledge and putting into action the benefits of his learning through his fitness program and communications.

One of Anthony’s strengths is in providing a program that never gets old or stale.  He has the capacity of changing things up, making the workouts interesting as well as challenging using new and varied techniques along with different types of fitness equipment.  With Anthony you get more than a physical trainer of the body.  When I went through a radical prostatectomy Anthony was there providing me with not only a fitness program that met my needs to keep active, along with keeping me safe from injuring myself , but he was there also as  an emotional and spiritual support.

For those of all ages, I am 70 years old, I highly recommend Anthony Cheam to be your personal trainer.


Burlington, ON

Love Inspired really enjoys and values the seminars Anthony Cheam has provided our clients. From practical steps, to improving health outcomes, to critical questions one should ask as they live life, Anthony has touched the hearts and minds of individuals in a meaningful way. His energy and passion is obvious to all who experience a talk from him. Anthony has shown dedication and commitment to our speaking engagements by discussing the intent prior to an event and by touching base on how clients received the messages and how each one felt after a session has been completed. Love inspired full heartedly recommends Anthony Cheam to bring inspirational and impactful lessons to your audience.”

Yvonne Sinniah

Founder of Love Inspired

It was the middle of September 2010 when I met Anthony.  I was overweight, out of shape and lacked  energy and drive.  It was only when I tried on a bridal dress did I realize how bad it really was.  I needed help in a major way.  When I finally met with Anthony all he asked me was for my commitment.  With his support, encouragement, wisdom and unbelievable passion for fitness and health I gave up eating junk food.  I am now a 123lb fit, vital and healthy mother of two children.  I am smaller and have more muscle and strength then when I was in high school.  I owe a tremendous amount of my success to Anthony.  I truly believe without him I wouldn’t be where I am today.


Burlington, ON

Anthony is a phenomenal trainer and coach. He has helped me to reach great levels of health and fitness that I could not have reached without his training and motivation.

Douglas Harrison

President & CEO VersaCold Logistics Services

“I met Anthony Cheam 12 years ago at Premier Fitness on Brant St. Right away I noticed how much energy and patience he had with people and that he was a very motivating, caring personal trainer. I became part of the team at Premier and got to know Anthony as a personal friend. His talents seem to be endless when it came to the arts. He has an amazing singing voice, very talented dancer, model seen in countless print ads and tv appearances to name a few. He is very inspiring to be around, always sharing his positive energy with others. I can’t recall anything negative ever coming out of his mouth. He is a true friend to the people in his life. He is blessed with a beautiful wife and two beautiful children.

It has been a pleasure to watch Anthony become the person that he is today. I recently had the honor to have Anthony present a two hour seminar sharing his heart through motivational speaking at my fitness studio. There was a great turnout and everyone was left with a lot of “Goodness” to absorb. I look forward to having Anthony return to the studio again and continue to share his words through his passion to help people.

We all have our purpose in life and I truly believe Anthony Cheam, a man beautiful on the inside and the outside, is a blessing from above to help the world be a better place.”

Sandra Kies

Spinaflex Inc. (owner)

“Anthony is an excellent motivational speaker. He presents himself in a enthusiastic and energetic manner causing one to take an introspective look into the way we deal with ourselves and others. One cannot but help being impacted in a very positive way when hearing him speak!”

Dr. Zietsma


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